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Thanks for stopping by my baseball ticket website. First, what this website is not -- this is not a website where you can purchase tickets for tonight's ball game (or tomorrow night's or the next night).

This is the website of someone who fell in love with baseball because of my Dad's love for the game.  And, somewhere along life's way, I also fell in love with collecting tickets for baseball games.

The purpose of this website is to provide information about baseball tickets from years gone by and to help baseball fans and ticket collectors who may not have seen the history of base all through the tickets of the game.

Watch my blog for information of baseball tickets of special interest.  Enjoy!

- Dan Busby

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When I attended my first Major League Baseball game in 1960--the All-Star Game in Kansas City--little did I think that collecting old baseball tickets would become my passion. While I have seen a game in 54 different Major League parks, I missed many of the old parks like Ebbets Field, Polo Grounds, Sportsman's Park, League Park, Shibe Park, and more. But an old ticket can put you in the seat at any of these parks. I hope you enjoy the information you will find on this website about old baseball tickets.

Dan Busby