In a promotional agreement between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Borden, special tickets were issued to children (the tickets specifically say “Not for Adults”) for the years 1954, 1955, and 1956 (if you have seen Elsie Day tickets for other years, please let me know).
The tickets provided the holder access to the Grandstand at the “Press Gate.”  Tickets could be obtained by saving five lids, bags, or wrappers from any Elsie Ice Cream Speciality.   The lids, bags, or wrappers were sent to Borden with 25 cents and the ticket(s) were mailed to the child.
Note:  I am not sure where the “Press Gate” was located at Ebbets Field.  I would appreciate receiving any information you may have on the location of the “Press Gate.”  If you have any images of Elsie Tickets for years other than 1954, 1955, or 1956 (or upgrades to the images shown on this page), I would appreciate it if you would share a scan of the ticket.

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