This blog focuses on a season pass and scorecard, all issued by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1905.  The games for this year were played in Exposition Park III. 

Barney Dreyfuss owned the team.  While the word “President” is underneath his name on the season pass reflected on this page, his title is abbreviated “Prest” on the on the 75 cent Grand Stand (grandstand was usually referenced as two words in this era) ticket.  

The Pirates finished in second place in the National League, nine games behind the pennant-winning New York Giants.  In 1905 the Pittsburgh Pirates were managed by Fred Clarke and the future Hall of Famer Honus Wagner was on the team.  The 1905 Pittsburgh Pirates were a strong team and almost any other year they would be winning the National League pennant or at least be giving the first place team a run for their money but the New York Giants that year were a powerhouse team, winning 105 games and their second straight NL title. Unlike 1904 though, when they refused to play in the World Series, the 1905 team played and beat the American League champs, the Philadelphia Athletics in the series in five games.

The Pirates won 96 games, good for a second place finish and the only team they had a losing record against were the Giants, who they went 10-12 against. Two things “hurt” the Pirates record late in the season, a three game sweep by the Giants in Pittsburgh with just 12 games to go and the team packed it in once they were eliminated, losing the last five games while scoring just five runs in those games.

Note:  If you have any 1905 tickets other than the 75 cent Grand Stand ticket reflected on this page, I would appreciate receiving a scan of the ticket(s).

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